When it comes to plumbing material and supplies, Bargain House really is the one-stop-shop you have been looking for, Carrying ranges from some of the country’s leading plumbing suppliers, including Plumbcrazy, Splashworks, WH Saffer, Astore, SA Pipe, Macsteel, Dasche Imports and Exports and Inceldon DPI, we can provide you with all your plumbing needs under one roof. From pipes and fittings, to furnishing your kitchen and bathrooms with quality taps, sinks and sanitary ware, let us help you find a plumbing solution that best suits your needs and budget.

We stock:
– Sanitary Ware
– Copper Pipes
– Nylon Pipes and Fittings
– Geysers
– Plumber Tools
– Underground and Above Ground Pipes with Fittings
– Taps and Mixers
– Kitchen Sinks